Positivity in Paris

Petit Palais a Parigi

I was trying hard to find something to write about, do you know the feeling when you really want to do something but you have no idea how to start? Is like when you are a child and you learn how to ride the bike, if you don’t do it for a long time, after a while it will get more difficult for you. But then, the satisfaction of being able to say, “ I did it again!” how amazing is it?

I was trying hard, and maybe this is why when you put too much effort in things that used to be easier for you to do, at some point you decided to avoid them, you don’t accept the feeling that something is changed and maybe this challenge will make you doubt about your abilities again.

I was reading books, I was looking at some articles on magazines, I was thinking: «I am in Paris, I should write about a guide with the suggestions to avoid the tourists places and feeling like a “ Parisienne”», but then I realized that it would have been something completely boring, something that people aspect that you do after you have been living in a city for half year and I am usually the kind of person that doesn’t like the things that are too predictable.

I am now enjoying too much the beauty of hear the sound of the words that I am typing in, later I will try for sure to find the right name for this article, but sometimes, there is not always an explanation to give to things, sometimes the most incredible and beautiful thing is to appreciate what a moment can give you, without analysing too much the “must and the do”.

One of the things that I learnt this week is the beauty and the meaning of the word “Positivity”. I have learnt this on my skin, as someone people used to say. When you are in a situation where being positive becomes your only way of being strong. People can find positivity in may ways, in their daily habits, in sports, in taking the things as they come and always believing that something extraordinary can happen, because even the most difficult thing, with energy, passion and determination, can actually be fixed.

Have you ever written down a list of words that are changing your lifestyle? Or words that you are starting to learn the real meaning? I thought about this a lot this week, the more I talk with people, the more I try to be open minded, the more I learn about how the world is full of things that make people feel happy.

For example, how the sport has an efficient rule in our journey, some people need sport to find a way to get ride of the stress, others use the sport to feel good, and others use the sport simply as a way to spend time with themselves and feel more strong with a better attitude.

The world is full of words that I believe are worth to be discovered, I noticed that sometimes, some people put too much of their attention on things superficial, like: Facebook, instagram or all of those way to show up something that isn’t necessary right. But if we look around us sometimes, if we look up or if we listen more, I think our life will be full of wonderful and delighted surprises that will change our way to see things.

One of the words, that I feel more close to me this week is: “ friendship”. Is such a common word, and some people give that for granted, but for me it is the most rare word that exists. The ability of standing next to someone during different moment of their lives, is not something that everyone can do, being constant is something even harder, showing love, support, and being able to give a smile when someone needs you, it is even something more difficult to find.

There are milliards of people on this planet, but when you have the right ones around you, your journey will really become something extraordinary and worth living for.

As you can see this article doesn’t have a main subject, doesn’t have the quotes that I used to write to give more meaning to it, as nothing that people can say “ wow, this is impressive.” It is just an open space where I wrote things that are probably normal for anyone, but I believe sometimes are worth to be said again.

A new beginning can just be around the corner…

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