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“Money lives in New York, power sits in Washington, freedom sips cappuccino in a sidewalk café in San Francisco.” Joe Flower

Here I am back to write a new article in English, I thought that considering the fact it will be a “ discover the city” article, it would be more appropriate to write it, in one of the most used language in the world. San Francisco is mostly associated to The Golden Gate Bridge, and it is really amazing, but there is much more, and day-by-day you will discover how beautiful this California city is.

882505_214558692070414_1293453772_o-2When you first arrive at San Francisco International airport, you will realize how different the reality is there. People can come to pick you up where there is the baggage claim, really? What about the fascinating driving plate licence? Or the palm tree you will see close to the beach? The world is totally different in the USA and in California you will immediately appreciate the diversity of it, starting from the mood and the lifestyle of people: yes because in the West Coast the sun makes feel the people happier, the food is more healthy and they don’t need to travel all around the world, they have beautiful beaches, the ocean and they feel lucky. The only big inconvenient is the tax, but they know how to deal with it already.

If it will be your first time in San Francisco, you obviously want to see the tourist places like:

1) Pier 39 probably most known because of the sea lion, (be ready to deal with lots of people who are trying to take some fabulous pictures to show to their friends) it is located in Fisherman’s Wharf and it is full of fun, souvenirs shops, expensive restaurants, it is probably the happiest pier of the city. Close by there is the Aquarium, where families spend Sundays together with their kids.

2) Union Square, the main square of the town, with its palm trees and expensive shops and stores such like Macys, Tiffany, Saks Fifth Avenue and more. Don’t miss the Cheese Cake Factory on the 8th floor of Macy’s building, the portions are very big, so if you decide to go there, don’t eat anything before.

3)   Chinatown, the main gate is in Grant Avenue, is the oldest Chinatown in North America, you will find there everything, from food shops, to restaurants, clothes shops and obviously many Asian people live there.

4) Cable Cars the most popular public transportation of the city, it is one of the main attraction of the town, it has three lines that will bring you around the city. It costs $6 but it is worth to try it. Even if you will catch one in the trolley stops in the street, the queue will still be long.

1616789_218197508373199_773402495_n5) Lombard Street, the most popular road of San Francisco, known for its eight hairpin turns, it is a must to see.

6) Golden Gate Bridge, the famous red bridge it is spectacular. It is long almost 3 km, and it is simply magic in every time of the day. With the fog, it will be more mysterious, during the night is amazing but during the sunset time, will leave you with no words.

7) Ferry Building is a ferry terminal where from there you can go around the bay, inside of it there is The Ferry Building Marketplace where you can find book stores, special groceries stores and restaurants. Close by there, you can admire the Bay Bridge an another amazing bridge with incredible lights effects during the night.

8) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, now it is closed for expansion until the early 2016 but if you love the architecture, paintings, sculpture, design and photography, you cannot miss it.

9) Coit Tower, located in Telegraph Hill it is probably one of the best place where you can admire a great skyline of the city, if you want to visit it be prepared to do the Filbert Steps (377 steps) that will bring you to the top of the hill. A long way up, but the view it is great.

10) De Young Memorial Museum, situated in the Golden Gate Park, you can discover different kind of arts, such like: American, African and oriental. There are always temporary exhibitions; last winter there was the Art of Bulgari, where the Italian jewellery fashion was brought in one of the most known museum of the city.

11) Baker Beach, close by the Presidio of San Francisco, it is smaller than Ocean Beach but it is simply wonderful. If there isn’t too much fog, you can see from there the Golden Gate Bridge. It is like a little heaven, the ocean, the view and the beach will help you enjoy the time there.

12) Alamo Square with its Painted Ladies (Victorian and Edwardian houses) it is one of the most photographed square of the city.  

I honestly cannot chose the best places in San Francisco, the variety of things you can do there is huge, it is a city full of interest and surprises. If you enjoy walking, don’t spending money in the MUNI transportation, just walking all around the city and its several hills, it will be an amazing experience that will give you the chance to love and appreciate every corner of the town.

1063346_209823292543954_1189252992_oThe Presidio and the Marina are the most exclusive locations with their beautiful houses and expensive restaurants. In the Presidio there is The Disney Museum and the National Cemetery, both are a must to see.In Haight-Ashbury you can discover where the hippie generation was born. If you love photography, go to Pier 24 it is a free private collections of different kind of photographs, if you want to see it you have to book your ticket online. A must to see exhibition for the photography lovers. If you want to try something sweet, Kara’s cupcakes are the best in the city. They have many shops all around the bay. Mission Dolores Park it is another great location with a great view, the park is full of people who are having a picnic or are simply enjoying the beautiful weather. If you have time, you can go to visit Alcatraz, the historical and popular old prison of the bay. But in my opinion Sausalito is more worth it, a small town close by San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, during the sunny days it is nice to visit it, shops, restaurants and boats are the main attractions of this little California city. I could keep writing for hours to tell you the several things and places you can discover in the bay area. George Sterling once defined San Francisco as “ The cool, grey, city of Love”. I believe he was right but even if you aren’t in love, in my opinion San Francisco is the happiest city I have ever seen. I would like to conclude this article with a quote that I think it is one who can describe in the best way how San Francisco is. 

“San Francisco has only one drawn back. It is hard to leave.” Rudyard Kipling 

So who is ready to book the flight ticket and travel to one of the most amazing destination of the West Coast? A good website where you can find more information to vist San Francisco is: And here you can watch a video of two people who were travelling around the city and who made the Timeline capsule project.

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